According to a survey conducted by the National Coffee Association, coffee drinkers in the United States consume an average of 3.2 cups a day — that's over 1,100 cups of coffee per year. With coffee being the second most popular drink in America —  behind only bottled water — we all should have sturdy coffee mugs from which to consume all those dark roasts, lattes, mochas, and decafs. That's not to leave out all the tea and hot chocolate drinkers who also make up a significant share of hot-beverage consumers. 

      What is the best coffee mug to keep coffee hot?

      No one wants a room-temperature cup of coffee, especially on those cold winter mornings when it's (almost) impossible to leave the house. Many coffee lovers have been in the situation before when, you make the perfect brew of coffee, pour your coffee int the cup, sit down to enjoy your coffee, and it gets cold before you can even get into the middle of your cup. The culprit is typically a cup, thermos, or mug that poorly retains heat, which can seriously put a damper on your coffee drinking enjoyment. Since disposable cups are wasteful and regular at-home mugs aren't practical to take on the go, a travel coffee mug will make sure that your beverage is the perfect temperature (hot or cold!) — no matter how long ago you made it. 

      How to find the right travel coffee mug for you

      Whether it is vital to getting you out of bed in the morning or is the only thing that keeps you going at work, coffee plays a crucial role in many people’s lives. Regardless of whether you prefer espresso or like to take your time with an americano, most coffee drinkers would agree that the right mug is an essential part of enjoying coffee. Finding that perfect mug, the one that holds the right amount of coffee keeps it at the right temperature, and is easy to look after is not always easy. It can get even more difficult if you need to consider spill risks, leakage and drinking it on the go. When shopping for the best travel coffee mugs, you'll want to take note of a few things:

      Insulation: Whether it's glass, plastic, and stainless steel, if you want your drink to stay either hot or cold, make sure it's insulated so it can maintain temperature over time. The Vacuum insulation technology locks in temperature to preserve flavor and freshness to keep beverages hot for 12 hours or cold for 24. Most of Coffee mugs comes with convenient twist and pour stopper futures, which makes serving simple. The perfect insulated coffee mug not only keeps your coffee hotter for longer, but also prevents from burns and scolds as the outer surface remains cool to the touch.

      Lid: After you decide what material you want your reusable drinking water bottle to be made of, consider the lid type. Do you want a straw lid, a flip-top spout lid (like a travel mug) or a screw top? Maybe you need a lid that can attach to a backpack with a carabiner or a lid that won't unscrew in your work bag. Also, consider size and design when picking your perfect water bottle. Some lids are more spill-proof than others mugs, the special locking feature of some coffee mugs so advanced, meaning you can just toss it in your bag and go. If you love to sip your coffee from a mug, other travel coffee mugs have more traditional lids. With popularity of drinking coffee on go, more and more travel coffee mugs are coming with auto seal technology. Subsequently, it becomes easer to open coffee mug with one-handed with a push button.

      Washability: Check to see if the mug is dishwasher-safe. If it needs to be washed by hand, make sure you can thoroughly clean it with a sponge (or else you might need a bottle brush).

      What makes a good coffee mug?

      Finding the perfect coffee mug can be tricky, especially because there are many types available online and in stores. To make it easier to pick out the most suitable for you, we have outlined some of the most popular and elegant coffee mug types. Classic Mug, as the name implies, are one of the most popular mugs that have been around for some times, and are probably present in most kitchens and cabinets. Regardless of their traditional look, they still grace the hands, of many and are a relatively preferred coffee mug choice. What’s more, they come in different prints, designs, and colors, but are not the fanciest when it comes to style. Commonly known for featuring sturdy handles for a firmer grip, classic mugs are mostly made of ceramic, which is advantageously microwavable. And while there mugs promise optimal durability, they are relatively heavy and may stain easily.

      Travel Mug – For coffee aficionados that live to have a cup of coffee on the go, travel mugs are the best choice. They are lightweight and very portable. Made with either ceramic or stainless steel, these portable mugs come in different sizes and shapes, but ca common feature is a light lid that should prevent spilling; even on the bumpiest of rides. In addition, travel mugs are usually made with insulated walls that reliably keep the coffee hot, for longer. And as far as the design goes, most coffee mugs are slim and tall, ensuring they can fir into the cup holders in most cars, desks and more.

      Tumblers –  Are a fancy combination of classic and travel mugs. Defying the usual design of its predecessors, they are wider and larger than both classic and travel mugs. Taking a tumbler along during commutes or a long drive to work may not be the brightest idea. Their wide shape makes its practically impossible for the mug to fit into cup-holders. And although they come in different sizes and designs the average tumbler should hold twenty ounces of coffee. Furthermore, just like mugs, these are also well insulated. They have a tight lid and do a pretty good job of keeping your coffee hot for a long period of time.

      Glass Mugs – When we think of coffee mugs, glass is one material that doesn’t immediately come to mid, and there’s really no question why. Glass is known to crack or break when exposed to extreme temperatures. However, with tempered or borosilicate glass, there’s a lot more assurance of enjoying a hot cup of coffee without concerns. Keep in mind that glass will not insulate its contents that much. So it may not be the ideal choice for storing hot coffee. However, glass mugs continue to lure coffee lovers with exquisite design and style. There’s also the crystal clear advantage of seeing the coffee steam or brew as you slowly sip from an elegant and classy mug.

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