What do You know About Hydrogen water ?

Drinking hydrogen water is one of the best, effective and simple way to enjoy vibrant health and beauty. Nowadays everyone can afford to have VWA h2Cap, the world’s smallest but strongest portable hydrogen water generator that can turn regular drinking water into hydrogen water over 1000  ppb anytime and anywhere! It is the only compact hydrogen water producer that is equipped with artificial intelligence to ensure regular delivery of the hydrogen water concentration. At home, you can own a portable hydrogen generator in which you can purify tap water into the richest hydrogen water (recommended 1600ppb) for the wellness of the entire family! It is for your family to obtain the maximum health benefits from drinking hydrogen water that is richest in antioxidants.

What Is Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen water is simply water that carries hydrogen molecules. Dihydrogen monoxide, the combined output of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, often abbreviated as H2O. Allegedly, these hydrogen molecules act as antioxidants. Adding hydrogen molecules to water helps neutralize oxygen free radicals that contribute to diseases, inflammation, and aging. 

Is Hydrogen Water Safe?

Absolutely. Hydrogen gas is natural to the body because, after a meal, our gut bacteria produce liters of hydrogen daily. There are several clinical papers that validated the health benefits of hydrogen water. It can benefit all organs in the body as molecular hydrogen can cross blood-brain-barrier, selectively neutralize the damaging ROS/ freer radicals and become water to be eliminated from the body.

Are there any benefits to drinking hydrogen water?

The theory is that in adding hydrogen in regular water, the antioxidant content of your drinking water is increased, which decreases oxidative stress on blood vessels (which, when left unmitigated, can lead to chronic inflammation and chronic disease over time). In one study, 20 patients who were at risk for metabolic syndrome drank hydrogen-rich water for 10 consecutive weeks and saw a decreased total cholesterol and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels and gradually increased their HDL cholesterol - possibly demonstrating a use for hydrogen water in reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome. 

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

1. Reduce fatigue & boost vitality

2. Remedy for allergies

3. Promote cardiovascular & cerebrovascular health

4. Cancer prevention & treatment

5. Improve diabetes

6. Anti-inflammation

7. Prevent & Reverse Degenerative Diseases

8. Anti-Aging

9. Slimming 

10. Improve memory & cognitive function.

Is There Any Science Behind It?

Most of the time, the result is NO. This became evident once drilled down into methodological flaws, scientific disagreements, writer credentials, and financial incentives. A combination of those factors is a recipe for poor science. Currently, there is insufficient proof to support any of the purported benefits of hydrogen water.

Will hydrogen water make me feel more energized?

If your body is in physical overdrive at athlete-level, training can cause oxidation (and therefore, inflammation), negating the inflammation-lowering benefits of exercise altogether (or, causing you to take anti-inflammatory supplements, which is less desirable). Hydrogen MAY help to REDUCE muscle fatigue and soreness by restricting lactate build-up and increasing the rate at which your cells are generating energy, consequently growing your performance in aerobic exercise. However, there is no much information about how much hydrogen you would need, or for which group this is advised (in a study published in 2019 was female athletes only, while in 2018 study was performed only on male cyclists). Both had promising (but very mixed) results.