Types of Water Bottles

Plastic Water Bottle

There are 3 types of plastic used in making water bottles in 2020. The first one is called Disposable water bottles, the second well knew is multi-use water bottles and the third one is PETE water bottles. The multi-use type of water bottle is made of high- or low-density polypropylene. They are lightweight and durable. They are made of compact design for easy carrying and can be easily cleaned.

Steel Water Bottle

This type of water bottle is made of stainless steel and aluminum. The best thing about them is as it served as a thermos. They are best to keep the cold water cold for at least 24 hours and keep hot water warm hot at least for 6 hours. They are much safer than other types of a water bottles. By using a metal water bottle, you will get odourless safe water. However, you must compromise safety with the weight as steel is heavier than plastic. Subsequently, they are more expensive.

Glass Water Bottle

If you are serious about your health and constantly maintain your health in good shape, then the glass water bottle is the best choice. As you will get a taste and odourless water while using them. Additionally, glass water bottles are recyclable and BPA free. The drawback of glass is that you can not go with too hot or too cold liquids. Moreover, they are heavier than both plastic and of course metal water bottles.