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What is Body Water and why is it Important?

Body water is an essential measure when it comes to a healthy body. Each body requires water to perform the right way. Therefore finding the perfect balance in your body water is essential. Your h2O intake should compensate for the loss of body water. There are several ways the human body can lose body water through the skin, when body sweat, urine and (most of us do not know) through breathing. 

What is body water?

Body water is the total amount of liquid in our body. The human body consists of 70% of water. The exact percentage ranges based on several factors (e.g. age, activity level and of course gender). Body water is fundamental for a building block for cells. It helps to control the inner body temperature, stimulates your muscles and moisturizes your skin. These are only a few examples of why body water and drinking water is so crucial.

What is the ideal body water percentage?

The ideal body water percentage varies. It is affected by several factors. Age, gender and body structure change this percentage. For example, women have lower body water percentage than fellows because women have more tissue than men. The ideal percentage for adult women will range from 45 and 60%, while the ideal percentage for adult men will be range 50 and 65% of the total body. 

Consequences of not drinking enough water

There are numerous ways to improve your body water percentage. It starts with drinking at least 2 litres of water per day. Most important: never wait until you are thirsty. Moreover, it is suggested to start your day with a glass of lemon water. This will flush the body from waste and will detox. Another way to increase your body water percentage is to water bottle, so you can carry your drink and enjoy it during the day. 

Total Body Water Calculator