How to choose the best water Bottle For You

There are three key things to think about when choosing a reusable water bottle: where you’re going to use itwhat you’re going to put in it and whether you want to filter it.

In some areas, tap water doesn’t taste brilliant, and a cost-effective filter system can massively improve the quality of tap waters. If that sounds like the water in your neck of the woods, skip straight to the filtered water bottles in our list. 

If you don’t need filtering then the choice is much simpler. Do not avoid cheap no-name bottles - as they can save some money, as those bottles pass the same standards as any water bottle in the market. If you’re traveling really far in warm conditions, keep an eye out for aerogel insulation: that’s more effective than the double-wall insulation of most sports bottles. If you’ll be hiking, a bottle that can be clipped to a karabiner is a very good thing to have, but if you’re looking for something for the gym or bike a sports cap is a better option.

Pay attention to the design too, especially around the nozzle: some bottles are fiendishly hard to clean, and while they may be dishwasher safe their nooks and crannies can still provide places for germs to multiply. It’s a good idea to get a bottle brush to ensure that no germ gets left behind: washing a water bottle is hardly onerous or time-consuming. Therefore, make sure you check the Infuser Water Bottle, which is elegant and at the same time convenient to use.

In our line-up, we’ve presented bottles of varying capacities. Some of the bottles on the market are bigger still, such as this Ychuch Water Bottle that’s available with 2l capacity. But bigger isn’t always better, because of course liquids are heavy - so a 2L bottle that already weighs nearly 700g empty will weigh 1.7kg when it’s full. That may be fine for a long bike ride or trip on public transport, but it’s not much fun to lug around in a handbag, schoolbag or backpack. And of course the bigger the capacity, the more space the bottle will take up.